13 Oct 2012

Slippery Ground

Why am I so restless
What is churning in me
What do I really want to do
What do I really want to be

What are these dreams I'm chasing
With such vengeance and such focus
Why am I running around
With such disoriented locus

Where is my heart, what am I feeling
How am I feeling about this all
My needs, my requirements, my desires
How did my demands pile this tall

Slippery ground it is indeed
I forgot my most sacred tool
I pinned my satisfaction to a particular outcome
And set myself up to lose my cool

It was okay to dream, okay to hope
It was okay indeed to set before creation
A goal for a particular kind of experience
A goal for a particular kind of emotion

I fell in the trap when I started comparing
Emerging experiences with pre-set dreams
With part blinded perception I began to despair
And my head got filled with pathetic screams

This slope is slippery, the ground is tricky
But it is the only course I know for now
The alternate of abandoning my dreams
Does not appeal to my spirit somehow.

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