30 Apr 2015

A Writer's Offering

I have always enjoyed writing. For me, writing is therapy, writing is expression, and writing is a way to make sense of the occupants of my own heart and mind. Indeed, writing is meditation, writing is worship, and writing is a means to connect into deeper recesses of my being. I usually write for the sake of writing, and all other outcomes are secondary. However, of late (thanks to the internet) I have discovered a new kind of happiness that comes in sharing my writings with others. This is a very different kind of joy, which I acknowledge and explore in this poem.

A Writer's Offering

I offer my life to you dear reader
I offer it as a mirror
A mirror for you to reflect your own
And gaze at it as it were

I offer my thought to you dear reader
I offer it as perspective
An observation that was once my own
Shared humbly as a gift

I offer my heart to you dear reader
I offer it with love
Sharing with you the blessings I get
From the angels of writing above

I offer myself to you dear reader
Naked, in my true essence
Urging you to also shed
The crippling chains of pretense

12 Apr 2015

So Much Life

There is too much Life on earth
To stay aloof and separate
There is too much love around
To cling to an empty plate

There is too much colour here
To live in shades of gray
There are too many birds singing
To shut myself away

There is too much beauty in nature
To not notice and sigh
There is too much power in the wind
To not let it take me high

There are too many gifts coming
To not acknowledge them today
There is too much joy around
To not jump in and play

There are too many sources of light
To ever assume it's dark
There are just too many reminders
To forget the divine spark

10 Apr 2015

Nature's Magic Wand

My heart was locked for a while
Like a hard and sealed walnut
Wrapped tightly with strings of grief
That no meditations could cut

Today, I sat on grassy earth
Under the Canopy of a ‘Ponge’ tree
It showered tiny pink blossoms
Onto the grass and onto me

I looked up to thank the tree
It’s leaves dancing in the breeze
I asked to connect with it
I asked for my ego’s release

I don't know how long I stayed
Just the tree, the grass and me
But when I got up to leave
My heart had broken free

I found warmth oozing out
Once again from within my core
I felt sunshine inside my heart
As I used to feel before

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