18 Apr 2022

The Solution


This level of radical self-acceptance might trigger some of you. I know this because it would have triggered me a few years back.

I know the barrage of left-brained arguments that the mind can throw up in response to a poem like this. If that happens in your mind, I invite you to read this poem from your heart instead. If it still feels wonky, substitute the 'I' with a dear friend, your child, or a pet and see if you might find a resonance then.

The Solution

Growing up, growing out
Growing up, growing in
I got chronically overwhelmed
By problems outside and within

I studied the world outside
Dabbled with science and art
Studied mechanisms to manage
My savage mind and heart

But the more I tried to solve
The wilder the problems grew
Each problem I seemed to solve
Triggered fresh problems anew

So I kept solving problems
Running fast to keep pace
And eventually, I had to admit
I could not win this race

So I imagined a new problem
The most complex that could be
For which the unique solution
Would be crazy, chaotic me

I then embraced that solution
With all the love that I could find
Embracing the seeming madness
In my heart and in my mind

- Ramya Ranganathan

Pic location: Hike around our farm near Thally

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