11 Jul 2012


My life seems to be this absurd collection of events and observations, thoughts, feelings and reflections that can leave me experiencing such a myriad range of emotions and states in one singe day!

But yes,.. I'm grateful for my emotions....those ups and down of the feeling state that are the causes and effects of so much more...

Those fleeting sensation type ripples that flood thru the heart and make me sit up and notice that - Hey I am alive!

Those vibrational tenors that nobody can describe scientifically but EVERYONE can feel! :-)

Those  up and down strings that can make the rest of my system dance and that can call the shots on how any experience can unfold

Those indicative signals that give me the most accurate feedback on what I'm doing and what I'm thinking

Those wild breezy visitors, invited and uninvited that jazz up my life and stir everything inside of me!

Those little children that I myself give birth to that now chirpily run all around my inner home - gleefully out of control!

....Yes! I'm grateful for those things called emotions! Those signals of being alive!

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