20 May 2014

Roads That Lead Nowhere

He walked on the road
He skipped on the road
He danced on the road
Knowing it led nowhere

She wrote out her heart
She wrote in verses
She wrote in sonnets
Knowing it would not be read

He nursed the stray dog
He cleaned it's wounds
He fed it some food
Knowing it would not live

She embraced her lover
She lay in his arms
She yielded to his passion
Knowing it was illusion

2 May 2014

A Dreamer in Me

I have so many ambitions
I have so many dreams
I want to climb many mountains
And swim in many streams

I had as many aspirations
When I was eight or nine
I had wanted to achieve so much
I had wanted to dazzle and shine

The innocence of my dreams have not changed
With all the passing years
What is different though when I dream now
Is that I dream without the fears

I am no longer afraid or worried
Of dreams not coming true
I dream because dreaming is my nature
It is something I spontaneously do

I have no strings attached to my dreams
I'm willing to set them free
I am the dreamer, I blow life into dreams
But they don't belong to me

I hop through life conjuring visions
Of realities that can be
Yet my joy in living comes from the now
From the reality that is currently me

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