20 Oct 2005

Tamas to Rajas

You've probably heard of Alices adventures
As she toured the well known wonderland
But did you know she strolled even further
To places she could hardly understand

She wrote of it in her secret journal
Which Lewis Carrol did not find
But hopefully if I write of it now
Lewis Carrol will not mind

So the first of these otherlands she found
Was a little dark and a little stuffy
And the eyes of all the persons there
Were a little dark and a little puffy

Alice wandered around a bit
But nobody really seemed to mind
She wanted to stop and chat with someone
But not one interested person did she find

They were each lost in their own world
Either asleep or comfortably reclining
Though around them it was all so messy
And none of their teeth and eyes were shining

Alice at last found a little boy
Who atleast seemed a little awake
So she went up to him; tapped his shoulder
And gently gave him a little shake

"Why is everyone here asleep," she asked
"Why is this place so dirtly and musty?
Why are the streets littlered and unkempt
Why, even your shoulder is dusty!"

Oh what? drawled the sleepy boy
Why do you disturb me now
You look different! your eyes are shining
You dont seem to fit here somehow

I cannot waste my energy talking
We are conserving our energy you see
So please leave me alone stupid girl
And just let everything simply be

Oh please, cried Alice do not be angry
I am lost and I need help from you
Help? mumbled the boy sleepily
We dont keep any of that here

Oh its not a thing, Alice replied
But she didnt know how to explain to him
And he didnt even seem inquisitive to know
So she walked on and left him to his whim

Then she saw something like a signboard
But it was covered thick with layers of dust
So she took out her hanky and wiped it clean
In the places where it was not destroyed by rust

This is Tamo Land, the notice read
Our motto: to let things be as they are
Sleeping is our favorite pastime
And we never think or wander far

We believe in efficiency above all other things
So we conserve closely our input energy
So that the ratio of output to input
Begins to closely reach infinity

Alice was confused but atleast she understood
Why everything was dirty and musty around
And why the people looked sick and frail
And the eeirie place had almost no sound

She suddenly saw a big bird overhead
That was flying around her round and round
Hello said the bird! you dont fit here
What attraction in this place, have you found?

I'm lost shrieked alice thrilled to find
Someone showing an interest in her
But can you please tell me who you are
cos you dont look like you fit here either

I've flown across from Rajas land
I like to fly beyond my lands limit
Its too stiffling for my adventurous spirit
And I dont like to contain it

Jump on if you like, I'll give you a ride
You can meet my friends and we'll have some fun
We'll party at nights, and work during the day
But also take holidays when we play in the sun

9 Sep 2005

Message from trees in London to trees in India

We have our colours, which come and go,
You have your constant greenery to show
We may be different but both of us know,
We are Heaven's presence on earth below!

2 Jun 2005

My Mother

I know a lady with a sunny smile
And a round and glowing cherubic face,
If I searched to find the signs of age
I doubt I would find a single trace.

Yet I’d love her no matter how
That face changes with the changing universe,
For the things that make her lovable
Are things that can never be better or worse.

I’ve seen her every day since I was born
As a child thru my eyes, now in my mind
And as I write tears peep out shyly,
To think of her eyes, open, warm, and kind.

For though I keep telling myself
That I am complete, whole, and strong,
I sometimes think of those cuddly arms
Where a little girl once did belong.

Now the tears stream boldly forth
For I have become a child again,
The child she gently sheltered all day
From the uncertain world and all its pain.

She made living a colourful game
With never a boring or lost moment
A joyful experience for a joyful heart
That never knew emotions of worry or lament.

Always open and inviting in spirit
To a new game, taste, or plan
Did she never let the fatigue show?
Or did she get a tip from superman?

But she is strange and remains a mystery
I can love her, but never know her fully,
Why did she pour herself into us completely
And when we could stand, pull out gracefully!

It that a natural thing for her to do?
I cant even imagine myself in the role,
But every time I think of her bubbly steps
I feel like a special and pampered soul.

9 Feb 2005

I am Ready

I am ready, dear Lord
I am ready to step up
I am ready to step up to your glory
I am ready to step up to your call

I am ready, dear Lord
I am ready to discard
I am ready to discard my fears
I am ready to discard my judgements

I am willing dear Lord
I am willing to surrender
I am willing to surrender my thoughts
I am willing to surrender my emotions

I am willing dear Lord
I am willing to let go
I am willing to let go of my ego
I am willing to let go of my pretences

I am here my Lord,
I am ready and willing here
To carry you in my heart forever
And to give myself to you to carry

I am awake my Lord,
I am awake to have you in whatever form
I am awake to have you in all your splendour
I am awake to become yours again

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