23 Sep 2014

The Warrior in Me

Bring them on, one by one
The warrior in me is ready
Though the storm be rising outside
My mind is calm and steady

I called upon the warrior energy
And made it into my own
I stand here now with fiery eyes
And wild hair all windblown

Say it out, aloud once more
Your abuses wont make me cry
You cannot break my self esteem
No matter how much you try

I'm living my values in what I do
I'm trying my very best
I care not if such effort of mine
Does not pass your test

The warrior in me smiles at you
For she does not know fear
If you hold a threat up to her face
She calls you to come more near

She is not one to turn and flee
Oh she is here to stay
She is strong and she is tough
And she paves her very own way

14 Sep 2014


I tell myself I need you
Your company and your presence
But in my head you only are
An idea, a concept, an essence

When I am by your side
I feel a certain way
Triggered by what you do
Triggered by what you say

When I tell myself I need you
I need that feeling place
And if I can find that feeling
Then 'You' I need not chase

The feeling of being loved
The feeling of being cherished
As I work my way to this feeling
My neediness has perished

I love you for who you are
And I love spending time with you
But my well being is not dependent
On what you say or do

I have found ways to manoeuvre
Through the mazes in my mind
To bypass the 'needy thoughts'
And leave dependency behind

I have found ways to reach
Those places within my heart
That are open and full of life
And where creation is an art

To this sacred space I go
To create and savour feelings
For while life may orchestrate events
I give them their meanings

11 Sep 2014

Good Enough?

'You are not good enough'
The voice arises again
That very intimidating voice
That has caused me so much pain

You're not a good enough mother
You're not a good enough wife
You're not a good enough daughter
You're not good enough for life

You're not a good enough friend
You're not a good enough teacher
You're not a good enough player
You're not a good enough creature

I cannot run away from it
This voice is in my head
So today I choose to question
And dialogue with it instead

What is this good enough
Is it something even defined
Or is it a moving target
That will always leave me behind

Who decides this good enough
My mother, my father, my friends
My culture and it's customs
Or fashion and it's trends

I think 'Good Enough' is an idea
Whose time has come to go
So we can embrace ourselves
With love from head to toe

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