20 Jun 2017

Alien No More

I sit amidst people, feeling like an alien
Disconnected from everyone around
A room full of strange creatures
And voices which feel like meaningless sound

Scurrying feet are rushing by
With strained faces and hassled looks
And those who sit waiting like me
Are lost in either phones or books

And then I spot a little baby
Peeping over to catch my eye
I smile and she smiles right back
My heart bursts open - I begin to cry

Tears of joy and tears of relief 
I am not an alien and neither is she
We are all humans, but locked in shells
Waiting for smiles to set us free

15 Jun 2017

Dont Give In

Like a storm brewing beyond the horizon
That you know is making it’s way towards you
A slow storm starts brewing in the mind
And this storm is making advances too

The feelings of depression, the sudden void
Unexplainable undercurrents of wanting to cry
Relentless loops of repetitive thoughts
And ceaseless questions that end with why

I know it too well, these signs of despair
Who paint fictional images of impending gloom
But I also know this is a flavour of illusion
That tries to wrap us in hopeless doom

The trick is to sense the storm that's brewing
Even before it looms fully into view
Then gently but deftly step out of it’s way
And start asking for something new

Dont believe those messengers of gloom
They are falser than the gloom they promise
So ask for the illusion to be shattered
Ask to be reconnected with your bliss

Ask for truth, ask for clarity
Don't give up, just keep on asking
Hold on strong for the clouds will part
In sunlight, you will soon be basking

13 Jun 2017

The Puzzle of Motivation

I have magic in my fingers
I have joy in my heart
I have ideas in my head
But I don't always start

Towers I can build
Fields I can till
Mountains I can move
But only if I will

I am every woman
I am every man
Who is not creating
Even though they can

At the heart of this puzzle
Is the power of choice
We won't really sing
Till we use our voice

But to use our voice
We should want to use it
And this wanting is a fire
Which needs to be lit

But who will light it
That is the key
That is the question
That can set us free

Is it something outside
That we need to find
Or simply just a matter
Of making up our mind

9 Jun 2017

Rain - wild and free

Little drops, you come at me
Fierce drops you come at me
Pearly drops you come at me
Or am I coming in your way?

You drench me from head to toe
You make a pool of the ground below
As tiny streams and rivulets you flow
Over surfaces both high and low

Little drops, you wet us all
Fierce drops, you hit us all
Pearly drops, you adorn us all
No matter who or what we be

When you shower, you shower for free
Whoever standing below might be
You are not one to stop and see
If I am a human, a bird, or a tree

Little drops, I play with you
Fierce drops, I flee from you
Pearly drops, I admire you
And your Nature, wild and free

Lotus in a Pond

That Lotus in a Pond Analogy,
Universe show me how to Be it
Show me how to keep on living
With courage and graceful grit

Show me how I can keep my peace
When those around me lose theirs
Show me how to navigate life
Without succumbing to its cares

Show me how to look up in grace
When I am surrounded by madness
Show me how to open my heart
And let it bloom with gladness

Show me how to thrive in life
Not just merely survive and cope
Show me how to breathe out fear
And breathe in love and hope

Show me how to bloom in joy
Like the lotus continues to do
Embedded in what’s happening around
But treating each moment as new

6 Jun 2017


You want me to write about you?
I will.

Without asking why,
Without asking for whom,
Without asking for what
I will just write.

I will write because,
Writing is how I acknowledge
Writing is how I savour
Writing is how I worship
And I want to do all three to you.

I want to describe as I can
The splendour of your mountains
The freshness of your streams
The colours of your flowers

I want to express as I can
The textures of your soil
The spaciousness of your sky
The caressing of your breeze

Words might not be enough
But still I will try
To translate your primal language of life
Into my linear language of words
Your changing dynamic dance
Into my static expression of verse

I will write about You
Because I adore You
Writing is my way to adore you more
My words are my beads of offering
Strung together as reverence to You

9 May 2017

I See You

I See You
I see your jagged edges
I see your snowy coldness
I see your sublime beauty
I see you Mountain
And I receive the gift you are

I See You
I see your sharp teeth
I see the dirt on your fur
I see your soulful eyes
I see you dear doggy
And I receive the gift you are

I See You
I see your human needs
I see your human fears
I see your tender caring
I see you my friend
And I receive the gift you are

7 May 2017

I Dream...

I Dream...

I dream of a planet where nature is respected
Not because she is endangered
Not because she is useful
But because she IS

I dream of a planet where animals are cherished
Not because they are helpless
Not because they are cute
But because they ARE

I dream of a planet where people are kind
Not because of the law
Not because of social pressure
But because they truly CARE

I dream of a planet where we are fearless
Not because we are protected
Not because we have security
But because our hearts are BRAVE

I dream of a planet where everyone is free
And minds do not become prisons
Or social bonds turn captive
Because freedom is what we BE

29 Apr 2017

Life - Rain Inspired


I see your tenderness in the creepers
I see your beauty in the flowers
I see your magic in the raindrops
I see you reflected in me

I feel your freshness in the grass
I feel your play in the wind
I feel your power in the storm
I feel you flow through me

I know your joy in my heart
I know your rhythm in my veins
I know your essence in my soul
And I know that you are me

23 Jan 2017


Yes I am crying today
I am crying and I am alone
But guess what, I am not afraid
And I am not feeling lost or forlon

Feels a bit similar to my past
Days when I would cry like this
But then I was scared and confused
Not understanding what it is

Now I am crying but it is different
I sense a space between my emotion and me
And even as the tears are flowing
There is a lightness that I be

There is a knowing that this will pass
There is a knowing it is not true
There is the courage to embrace myself
Even when I am feeling blue