9 May 2017

I See You

I See You
I see your jagged edges
I see your snowy coldness
I see your sublime beauty
I see you Mountain
And I receive the gift you are

I See You
I see your sharp teeth
I see the dirt on your fur
I see your soulful eyes
I see you dear doggy
And I receive the gift you are

I See You
I see your human needs
I see your human fears
I see your tender caring
I see you my friend
And I receive the gift you are

7 May 2017

I Dream...

I Dream...

I dream of a planet where nature is respected
Not because she is endangered
Not because she is useful
But because she IS

I dream of a planet where animals are cherished
Not because they are helpless
Not because they are cute
But because they ARE

I dream of a planet where people are kind
Not because of the law
Not because of social pressure
But because they truly CARE

I dream of a planet where we are fearless
Not because we are protected
Not because we have security
But because our hearts are BRAVE

I dream of a planet where everyone is free
And minds do not become prisons
Or social bonds turn captive
Because freedom is what we BE

29 Apr 2017

Life - Rain Inspired


I see your tenderness in the creepers
I see your beauty in the flowers
I see your magic in the raindrops
I see you reflected in me

I feel your freshness in the grass
I feel your play in the wind
I feel your power in the storm
I feel you flow through me

I know your joy in my heart
I know your rhythm in my veins
I know your essence in my soul
And I know that you are me

23 Jan 2017


Yes I am crying today
I am crying and I am alone
But guess what, I am not afraid
And I am not feeling lost or forlon

Feels a bit similar to my past
Days when I would cry like this
But then I was scared and confused
Not understanding what it is

Now I am crying but it is different
I sense a space between my emotion and me
And even as the tears are flowing
There is a lightness that I be

There is a knowing that this will pass
There is a knowing it is not true
There is the courage to embrace myself
Even when I am feeling blue