25 Jan 2014

Free to Engage, Free to Withdraw

There is no race, no competition, no struggle
There is really nothing to prove at all
I was just led to imagine such things
By those who had been led to believe it all

There is no trophy to be won
There are no trophies under the sun
There is no medal of honour to win
The honour I know comes from within

I am what I am, unique and wonderful
Precious and intriguing, a creation of life
Freely created, free to exist,
Free to engage, free to withdraw
Free to submit to norms around
Free to set them aside and walk
Free from norms of poetry as well
Free to rhyme and free to not! :-)

12 Jan 2014

What Question Can I Ask ?

What question can I ask
As I greet the morning today
To open my heart and mind
In a gentle and loving way

What space can I hold
Inside and outside of me
To bring sleeping seeds to sprout
Into the grandeur they can be

What colours can I embody
Through the presence of my being
To highlight natures beauty
To those not otherwise seeing

What gift can I unravel
And share with all I meet
To bring more warmth into their life
And make this day more sweet

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