4 Feb 2015

When the Force is on our side

If the force that designed the whole universe
If this force is on our side
What reason then, to not embrace life
With arms flung open wide?

If the force that breathed life into us
Is still working with our breath
Then what reason have I to doubt it's plan
And worry about things like death?

If the force that put us together with love
Is alive in us as well
Then why should I be afraid or worried
And hide in a fear-based shell?

No reason to hide, no reason to run
No reason to be afraid
No reason to deny any part of life
When I remember how we were made

3 Feb 2015


Thank you for turning away
Thank you for letting me down
Thank you for packing your bags
And marching out of town

Thank you for casting me off
And pelting stones at me
You forced me to turn within
And see what I could be

Thank you for walking away
How else would I have known
The strength and power within
That surfaced when I was alone

Within the forests of my mind
I am finding hidden treasures
Alone, I learn to now uncover
Solitude's sacred pleasures

Tip of the Iceberg

You have only seen the tip
Of the iceberg that is me
Open your eyes, open your eyes
Daddy, open your eyes and see

You have only heard the echoes
Of my heart wrenching cry
Open your ears, open your ears
And hear me once, Just try!

You have only seen the fringes
Of the visions in my dreams
You have only felt the ripples
Of my pain and my screams

Is it possible Daddy?
That I'm quite different from you?
Different values, different views
And yet I love you too?

You have only felt the tip
Of the love I have for you
Open your heart, open your heart
Daddy, you can feel it too

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