23 Mar 2010


I am grateful for every question mark
That creeps into my head
For every 'why' and every 'how'
That keep me wide awake in bed

For they are signs to assure me
I have not stagnated yet
I have not succumbed to lie comfortable
In a pattern, fixed and set

I am grateful for all the open ends
And possibilities of unclear scope
For each open end is an open path
And unclear possibility, a hope

I am grateful for my discontent
I am grateful for unfulfilled desire
For were I content, I might not strive
And not undertake effort that would tire

I know that movement and change is life
Stagnation is death for sure
There is no problem, no need for solution
The ailment is itself the cure

The unease, the discomfort, the discontent
Are all merely signs of a vibrant life
For the nature of life itself is wrapped
In a maze of intertwined joy and strife

So I am grateful now, I'm grateful always
For all that I am, and all I am not
I'm grateful now, and I'm grateful always
For all that I have, and have not got

21 Mar 2010

a day well lived

I feel like a baby
In my creator’s lab
As I snuggle down cosily
For my evening nap

A day well lived
A day being me
A day I made no demands
And just let things be

16 Mar 2010

The Wonder of it All

Today I saw my wiggly toes
And the beautiful arches of my feet
How they synchronized with several muscles
To make me stand up from my seat

If this orchestration is natural
Then nature is a miracle for sure
And I am part of this marvellous miracle
A gorgeous creation, perfect and pure

I saw a bird glide on its wings
I thought how well it sometimes sings
I saw a tree stand strong and tall
I saw delicate moss growing on a wall

I thought of how I sometimes walk
Right through life without seeing it all
How big and wonderful my world could be
Unless I choose to imagine it small!

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