15 Jul 2016

Just a Choice Away

I have been sad enough times
To know it does not work for me 
And have fought in anger enough 
To know battles can’t set me free 

I have cursed fortune enough 
To know cursing doesn't change luck 
The more I wallowed in self pity 
The more it kept me stuck 

I have delighted in pointing fingers 
And even mastered the blame game 
Only to realize pain does not ease 
By attributing to another name 

I have known the darkness of shame 
And carried the burden of regret 
Indeed the pain that stems from the past 
Can be often difficult to forget 

And yet I have felt a lightness 
That seems to be the DNA of Life 
An undercurrent of peace and joy 
That is underneath the pain and strife 

This undercurrent is always there 
And it is just a choice away 
Why would I not choose it for me? 
Why would I not choose it today?

5 Jul 2016

The Divine Tease

You exist somewhere between heaven and earth
You play with us between death and birth
You are, but then you also are not
Everything I've asked for, and everything I've got

You are the ball of dreams, the chalice of hope
You are the fabric of strength that helps us cope
You are the magic of possibility strewn around
Disguised as brown dust on the ground

You are the matter of wood, of leaves, of flowers
You are a rainbow grid of colourful powers
You are a spark that sets this world on fire
This world sandwiched by fear and desire

You are the raw potential of life and love
You are the silent peace we see in a dove
You exist but unless we embody you here
We are left just holding your vision so dear

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