23 Jun 2015

Tell me Little Catterpillar

Today as I was walking I noticed a wiggly green little thing dancing in the air beside me. It was hanging from an invisible cobweb string that was attached to my finger at the other end and first I thought it was just a leaf. It was stormy and windy and as I walked I tried to keep my finger steady to play with the leaf and the little wiggly green seemed to fly with me. Only after a while I realised it was a tiny live caterpillar and I left it on a tree. We must have already been quite far from where it started its journey with me (and I don't even know exactly where that was). Here is a parting shot of the little fellow and a verse to remember him by.....

Tell me little caterpillar
Did you really want a ride
Or did I just carry you along
In my own walk and stride

Tell me little caterpillar
Was it fun for you to swing
How was it to fly along
Even without a wing

Tell me little caterpillar
Will you now feel all lost
Did you enjoy the adventure
And did it come at a cost

Tell me little caterpillar
What brought us together today
To travel awhile in the storm
And then to each go our way

10 Jun 2015

An Artists Act

I am an artist, I draw and paint
I paint in my imagination
I paint in my dreams
I allow my paintings to flow where they will
To be carried by the wind
To be carried by streams

What I paint is not just mine
They simply exist
They simply belong
Anyone else who reaches them
Can play with them
Can paint along

I do not blow my paintings to life
That is not my art
That is not my act
But life often brings them alive herself
That seems her game
That seems her pact

6 Jun 2015

Drop the masks

Drop the masks, drop the masks,
They're only masks, dont you see?
Drop the masks, drop the masks,
And stand maskless in front of me

Who are these righteous people
You keep inviting into your space
To blame and accuse you harshly
And condemn your natural ways

Drop the masks, drop the masks,
They are weighing heavy on you
Drop the masks, drop the masks
And start doing what you have to do

What are these thoughts you hold
Camouflaged as doubts and fears
That have made you sentence yourself
To a lifetime of private tears

Drop the masks, drop the masks,
Drop every borrowed lens
Drop the masks, drop the mask,
Drop this killing pretence

3 Jun 2015

Time to Shed

I am a tree, I dont own a watch
There is no plan or calendar I read
But I know it is time, when it is
To allow my leaves to shed

I lived through spring and summer
And watched each of my leaves grow
I have proudly held my canopy high
But now I know my leaves should go

I have birthed bunches of flowers
My fruits have been enjoyed by all
I have delighted in abundance
Yet now my leaves are going to fall

I will be naked, I will be alone
No birds will come to nest in me
Just brown ragged twiggy lines
Without my leaves, I will stand to be

I might even start to think I'm useless
To the world, I might appear as dead
But inside of me I know it is time
To just allow my leaves to shed

I release my leaves, they served me well
I let go as they fall with grace
They were part of me, and yet I live on
I will grow new ones in their place

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