11 Jul 2017

Purple Light of Dawn

Purple light of dawn
Come shatter my illusions
Cleanse my mind
Of all it’s pollutions

Golden rays of sunshine
Come pierce my ego
So I can see life
Not just it’s shadow

Breath of fresh air
Come flow through me
And make me like you
Fluid and free

Come mother nature
Take me on your lap
So I can play with you
And like a baby nap

2 Jul 2017

Images in Love

You see a shadow of me
Just some imprints created
On a three dimensional canvas
That is so very limited

You know a wisp of me
Based on our interaction
For what your mind grasps
Is a very tiny fraction

You touch a container of me
And we call that a caress
For your senses cannot feel
My being that is boundless

You love the image of me
That you create for yourself
As I love the image of you
I have created for myself

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