20 Dec 1992

That is Love

How is it to be in love
Had you asked a few days ago
Although I would have been in love
I just wouldn’t know

I’ve grown wiser, now I know
It’s the realizations that count
Love is just a stepping stone
To make all good things mount

If it is there in you, it makes you happy
And so much stronger healthwise
Gives you something to live for
And a purpose, a goal, so nice.

9 Oct 1992

Time fly's by

Time flys by like a pretty little bird
Days roll by like engines on the track
People move on like soldiers on the march
Just move on and never glance back

But I get left behind
As I stop in order to find
Some rest and peace of mind
Or someone of my kind.

The jockeys raise their whips so high
The race horses gallop at a speed so fast
They put their strength and practice to task
While I land up riding in at last.

But I don’t mind coming last
As long as I need’nt fast
Those stars shining in the sky
Are my prizes, they will last.

20 Apr 1992

The Bargain of Joy and Sorrow

Life is but and experience
With changes so many
There are sorrows and joys
But we cant own any

When you're happy with life
And smiles cross your face
There comes a barrier
And slows down your pace

If you are depressed
Sitting sad and morose
All at once, a stroke of luck
Brings you whatever you chose

I was living a placid life
With no great joy or sorrow
All content, I did not know
What was to come tomorrow

Tomorrow came and you came
And changed my life forever
I lost my senses and my peace
And no longer felt so clever

Then I knew how before
My life had been so empty
You came along and filled it up
With joys and sorrows plenty

Sometimes you hurt and make me cry
Sometimes I live for you
But for the love and happiness you give
I'll take all the sorrows too.

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