21 Nov 2012

Access to Love

There is sorrow, there is pain
And old hurts come up once again
I don't know what I should do
I don't know how to relate to you

There is anger, there is grief
Insights of clarity are brief
Before I recover, I drown again
Into an ocean of unending pain

But my loving dog comes to cuddle
And brings love into this muddle
I cannot but smile as I caress her skin
And stroke her gently under her chin

The pain remains, confusion remains
Yet my life exists on multiple planes
I have access to love if I open my heart
And from my dog today I learnt this art

19 Nov 2012


She weaves together these strands of paddy
She weaves together these blades of grass
She weaves her hopes and dreams together
As today seamlessly into tomorrow does pass

Oblivious to all she just weaves on
With concentrated precision and dedication
With single-minded focus she makes each move
Creating her art with love and conviction

It looks like she does not need to rest
It looks like this itself is her rest
She appears to gain and spend energy
As she gives her work her very best

This is her art and her identity
It is her work and her play
She is steeped in it, immersed it in
As she gives to it, her all today

This is craft, this giving of all
This is craft, this act of creation
This is craft, using material as medium
To the sense the souls urge and give it vision.

6 Nov 2012

Just Contexts

The world is just a context
For life to unfold itself
My experiences are just contexts
For me to discover myself

My work is very interesting
I come alive when I teach
But teaching is just a context
Through which my inner knowing I reach

I love to hold my son
In a warm and loving embrace
But his eyes are just a context
To witness innocence and grace

I enjoy sporting challenges
I push and stretch my muscles
But the sport is just a context
To act out my inner tussles

I relish delicious meals
I savour the subtle flavours
But food is just a context
To appreciate creations varying colours

I experience many strong emotions
From streaming tears to ecstasy
But my feelings are just a context
To discover various ways to be

I delight in this wide plethora
Of contexts that surround me
But when I immerse myself in them
Their boundaries I no longer see

I become the context, it becomes me
I get caught in its sways
Contrasting experiences toss me around
In countless different ways

Then suddenly I remember who I am
And I can see the contexts again
I stay in them but watch from outside
As I participate willingly but without strain

2 Nov 2012

Just stay

You find it so easy to say goodbye
You find it so easy to just walk away
My heart tugs and pleads to be with you
I'm yearning inside to ask you to stay

My mind chides my heart -don't be a child!
My mind tries suggesting many alternatives
But my heart insists that nothing can compare
To the warm experience that your presence gives

I feel like a fool, I have definitely known better
But I also feel wonderful to be so swept away
Tomorrow perhaps I will arise wise and thoughtful
But a love-struck fool let me remain today!

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