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My foremost identity has always been that of a poet and a dreamer and I spent much of my early years writing poems, creating flower arrangements, climbing trees, making deep friendships and having fun. Somewhere between these life sustaining activities I qualified myself professionally with the degrees of a BTech in electrical engineering at IIT Madras and a PGDM at IIM Ahmedabad and a PhD from London Business School.

Although in spirit still a student, in formal designation I have been a faculty in management with IIM Bangalore since 2010.

I have been writing poems since I was five. As a child I used to use poetry to escape from the world. As an adolescent I used poetry to escape and also to try and make sense of my own emotions and experiences.As a young adult I started using poetry for self expression - to reach out and connect with others and to give voice to my values.

Of late I am beginning to use poetry as a tool for just about everything - from self and spiritual explorations to playing with my son and his friends. As I am writing more and more I am starting to reclaim my primary identity as that of a poetess - and I invite you all to see the world through the eyes of this poetess.

Check my other resource page with essays, videos and lots of juicy resources at craftingourlives.com

Photo Credit: Thanks to Keertana Thangaraj for capturing this moment in the Forests of Agumbe 

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