6 Nov 2002

Idle Race

Oh Idleness my mind does fear
While duty my heart does loathe
Thoughts keep flooding my consciousness
Till I'm drowned in self created confusion

Sometimes I feel I need a guide
To lead me out of this maze
But sometimes again I am told
That this never-ending maze is life

Even if there were a way
I'd hate to be led through it
I'd rather stumble, search and learn
All its intriguing twists and turns

Oh so many things to do down here
So many Idle pastimes
If I start thinking I only find
That each one is as wasteful as the other

But what better thing to do
What indeed can be meaningful
I'm not scared, I wont be dictated
And forced into pretense and work

Study? why? knowledge? wisdom?
I already feel I think a lot
It will make me a perpetual thinker
Trapped in my own thinking games

Jobs? success? recognition? money?
Why run after them so fast
The more I achieve,t he faster I run
To catch up with more and more.

21 Oct 2002

Thirsty Yet

A failure once, is not a complete failure,
Except when you fail to try
I'm thirsty yet, and hungry still
To roam, to seek and see

There have been times I've enjoyed much
I know where I have to go
A career I seeked, a career I found
But I am oriented elsewhere

Difficulties I know I'll face
But its difficulties I'll have to cross
Emotional, physical, and social
These challenges will do doubt come

Slowly and steadily, I'll pave my way
From my present and reach my dreams
It is not very far, it wont take a lifetime
And a lifetime I have to try

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