8 Dec 2004

Tell me God!

You say our very desires enslave us
I can see how that is true,
The mind that’s chasing sense objects
Has no time to reflect on You.

One desire fulfilled leads to another
Till anger arises for a desire unmet,
I know there cant be a happy ending to this
But my mind to linger and wander I let.

Pray tell me why You have made us so
To get attracted to what destroys us,
If You love us, then why not make us simple
Why all these wants, why all this fuss.

Why gift a reckless and untamed mind
Then tell us, ‘you ought to control it’,
Some of us here don’t have a clue
How to control the mind and keep it fit.

Sometimes its like an endless game
I’m both a player and uncomprehending spectator,
You set the rules, You set me on the field
And then accompanied me as my mentor.

I almost feel I had no choice
About whether I want to play in Your field,
You say it is all ‘cause and effect’
And what we sowed, determines our yield.

The catch is I don’t remember choosing
I don’t remember what seeds I sowed,
I don’t remember why I decided to farm
Or which acres of land I ploughed.

Don’t mind, maybe I’m being to na├»ve
But your plot seems somewhat cruel to me,
Not just cruel, but also meaningless
Maybe your idea I just cant see.

Why have a life with swings and turns
In a vehicle that’s always enticing me to stray,
With the only sensible option left
To some how inch on along the way.

Tell me, tell me, what do I do
Ah I hear your voice once more today,
What I see in you, depends on the things
I myself think, do , and say.

Maybe I see a cruel and meaningless plot
Because that’s how I treat my fellowmen,
I need to act in a way that I consider right,
Before I can point my finger at You

15 Nov 2004

A walk in the country

A meadow fresh and green as ever
Rolling away in gentle slopes,
Expanses of green leading to the skies
Unending streches of dreamy hopes.

Dotted with sheep, white and plump
Lazing around in a scattered group,
Yet positioned to adorn the field
Like on a stage a dancing troupe.

One turn and behold the change in scene
Towering trees rise up from the ground,
The woods are intense, heavy and deep
In eiree silence with hardly a sound.

Peach, purple, auburn and jade,
Yellow, red, brown, and green
Some on the ground, some on the trees
Leaves of every colour I've seen.

Big leaves on sturdy trunks
Heavy Ivy climbing to conqour,
A mesh of creepers winding around
The tall oaks and slender Fir.

On a wooden bridge we cross a stream
Gurgling and giggling in lively flow,
On either side the willows bend
To kiss the surface of water below.

Again a meadow, again the woods
Now a hill and then a stream,
Colour changing, Drizzle descending
We walk on as if in a dream.

Pigeons and crows, Geese and Swans
Horses and Cows, Dogs and Sheep,
From farms to fields, Meadows to roads
OVer pretty fences and stiles we leap.

The wind is cold and the path is long
Our shoes are soaking wet with rain,
But nature has put up such a grand display
That hearts are glad though feet may pain.

A day in the woods and meadows can give
What a lifetime in the city cannot,
The silence of trees speaks to me
What all the worlds people together could not.


Fire is a warm and enticing mate
Attractive flames on a winter night,
But go close to it and you learn
That the body can get burnt by this light.

Captivating emotions stir and excite
Passion is the fire that draws the mind,
Each step more attractive than the other
And lo! It’s consumed you completely you find.

Wisdom keeps us away from flames
As a burnt child dreads the fire,
As burns hurt my body, passions hurt my mind
Then why of arousals, do I not tire?

The mind steps in to guide the body
But who steps in to guide the mind?
Is it the intellect, is it an angel?
Or can I cultivate a habit of some kind?

15 Jun 2004

The search

Oh connect me to that source of light
Which never dims or dies at night
I will anchor myself to it tight
And lie in this spot that feels so right

4 Feb 2004


The tree give up her succulent fruit
Which I unthinkingly pierce my fork into

The water that nourishes my every cell
Is the water I lead my drains to

The air that carries oxygen to my lungs
I spoil in many a different way

My definition of justice does not stand
Even the test of my own behavior

So I trust the wisdom of our creator
And have faith in His definition of Justice

What I cannot understand, I cannot comment on
But I can have faith in He, who made us all. 

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