8 Dec 2004

Tell me God!

You say our very desires enslave us
I can see how that is true,
The mind that’s chasing sense objects
Has no time to reflect on You.

One desire fulfilled leads to another
Till anger arises for a desire unmet,
I know there cant be a happy ending to this
But my mind to linger and wander I let.

Pray tell me why You have made us so
To get attracted to what destroys us,
If You love us, then why not make us simple
Why all these wants, why all this fuss.

Why gift a reckless and untamed mind
Then tell us, ‘you ought to control it’,
Some of us here don’t have a clue
How to control the mind and keep it fit.

Sometimes its like an endless game
I’m both a player and uncomprehending spectator,
You set the rules, You set me on the field
And then accompanied me as my mentor.

I almost feel I had no choice
About whether I want to play in Your field,
You say it is all ‘cause and effect’
And what we sowed, determines our yield.

The catch is I don’t remember choosing
I don’t remember what seeds I sowed,
I don’t remember why I decided to farm
Or which acres of land I ploughed.

Don’t mind, maybe I’m being to na├»ve
But your plot seems somewhat cruel to me,
Not just cruel, but also meaningless
Maybe your idea I just cant see.

Why have a life with swings and turns
In a vehicle that’s always enticing me to stray,
With the only sensible option left
To some how inch on along the way.

Tell me, tell me, what do I do
Ah I hear your voice once more today,
What I see in you, depends on the things
I myself think, do , and say.

Maybe I see a cruel and meaningless plot
Because that’s how I treat my fellowmen,
I need to act in a way that I consider right,
Before I can point my finger at You

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