12 Nov 2011


Oh messenger of death, wait much longer,
I’ve just about started learning to live
I’ve just about started to discover in parts
The amazing experiences that life has to give

Oh messenger of life, what took you so long
To reveal to me this magical adventure
I guess you were at my door all the while
Waiting for me to come out and venture

Oh messenger of my Self, I am starting to hear
The amazing possibilities you envisioned for this birth
I am starting to discover the goodies you packed
And appreciate my body-mind-complex’s worth

I am only starting to discover my strengths
As I experiment with how and what I can be
Increasingly allowing myself the freedom
To be the magnificent dream that is seeded in me

8 Nov 2011

Lost in the whirl....

So you think I have disappeared,
Perhaps you are right
I am disappearing these days
From my very own sight!

I'm feeling a bit torn
Between the many pulls in my life
I'm lost between being
A prof, daughter, mom and wife

I miss just being me
A plain and simple girl
As my life is rushing by me
In this super demanding whirl.....

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