18 Dec 2009

The Joy is in the Journey

How much easier it would have been for God
To catalogue and classify every flower
Arrange them in order of size and colour
So we could pick and decide which one to savour

Why hide those magnificent sea creatures
Deep beneath the ocean’s depth
When they could have been showcased
In a place where everyone could see them instead?

I think there is a reason to scatter the flowers
Over desserts and forests and dispersed in time
I think there is meaning in disorganized design
In arrangements that don’t adhere to a line

I thinks it is boring to buy from supermarkets
It is boring to get everything online to buy
I think it is not the ‘having’ that’s fun
But the striving and exploring every time we try

I think in our eagerness to learn
We’ve overlooked the wisdom that powers creation
We’ve focussed so hard on what to get
That we’ve not given the process its due attention

Thus the emptiness, therefore the void
The void that grows with the things we get
For owning things was never our need
There is a deeper need that is lying unmet

Our need is to search, to explore and find
Our need is to journey, to constantly discover
The joys we experience can only be transient
As the fleeting rainbow or short lived flower

These joys themselves were not meant to hold
Why then should we hold on to the objects of joy
When the goal is reached, and the trophy is won
That coveted trophy becomes a mere toy

3 Dec 2009


The more I try to be honest with myself, the more I discover how dishonest I am 

The more I look inside my mind, 
The more I pay attention to my thoughts 
The more I realize how skilful I have become 
In veiling the truth from myself 

The more I try to be honest with myself, the more I discover how dishonest I am 

I realize how I have perfected the art 
Of using bits of truth to build stories 
Both for myself and for others. 
Which are not by themselves wholly true 

The more I try to be honest with myself, the more I discover how dishonest I am 

I can see how the lawyer in me 
Well equipped with ‘truthful evidence’ 
Skilfully pieces them together 
Into a fantastic narration, not so true! 

The more I try to be honest with myself, the more I discover how dishonest I am 

16 Nov 2009

Pangs of a Consultants Wife!

I'm missing you, I'm missing you
Oh this hide and seek you play
That is why I harden my heart
And pretend I dont care anyway

I love you so, I want you so
But if I remember this I pine for you
Its easier instead to get angry and mad
And just harbour a grievance or two

You come like the London sun
And brighten up one chosen day
And then you pack your bags quickly
And across the ocean fly away

My heart cannot follow your speed
My feelings linger after you are gone
The speed of your life, pace of your travel
Leaves me lost, lonely and forlorn

You are like the tide, you come and go
I am like a ship who floats on the sea
When the tide comes in, it picks me up
And when it goes out, I just have to be

So I stay afloat from day to day
I stay afloat as I find my way
I cannot sink, I have a baby on board
I just try to stay afloat each day

22 Oct 2009

Is this what Life is about?

Filling up my hours with things to do
Baby sitting my senses and entertaining them
Desperately trying to keep them engaged
Is this what life is all about?

Scheduling activities to entertain my family
Oh this family, my extended self,
An extended self as needy as my senses
Is this what family life is about?

Creating challenging tasks for my brain
My restless brain that needs to feel useful
Finding work that engages this monster
Is this what my studies is all about?

Finding causes to get involved in
Searching for that garb of righteousness
Channelling my ego’s energies into giving
Is this what my volunteering is all about?

Craving for romance to transport my awareness
Wanting another person to forget myself in
Chasing that arousing addictive lift
Is this what my love is all about?

Looking for a way to handover responsibility
Trying to create meaning where there is not any
Creating a framework of hope and salvation
Is this what my worship is all about?

Silent pause: reflecting for a while.....

To relax in the knowing that nothing really matters
To surrender to the illusionary nature of creation
To find peace in the acceptance of an underlying truth
Maybe that is what worship is all about.

To feel what is me, in another person
To feel that person as being in me
To feel the oneness of both our beings
Maybe that is what love is all about.

I understand that nothing is there to own
Nothing is mine, so I have nothing to give
Yet with an attempt to share, I can feel if I care
Maybe, that feeling is what charity is all about.

To see the similarity in divergent options
To relax in the knowing of an eventual convergence
To see the transience of all experience
Maybe that is what intellectual studies is about.

To expand my identity beyond my body
To experience many lives, by living just one
To be at once, man woman and child
Maybe that is what family life is about.

To play some non-serious games of chase
Sometimes with my senses, sometimes by myself
To dance with the rhythms, to expand and contract
Maybe that is all that life is really about.

27 Sep 2009

I am the Wind

I am the wind, I am everywhere
Look around, you will find me there
Although sometimes I can be so still
That you will not feel me until
You rouse yourself

I am the breeze, gentle in my caress
But I might leave you in an untidy mess
In your windblown clothes and tousled hair
I leave my signs everywhere
To remember

I am the gale, forceful and strong
Sometimes for a second, sometimes very long
You can never ever be real sure
That you will be able to endure
What I bring

I am a gust, unpredictable
I can be warm, I can be chill
I can blow in any direction I please
Touch you anywhere and tease
Just like that

I am the air, I can rush in where
No one else might ever dare
The entire world is my home
And so I choose to freely roam

I cannot be contained by walls of brick
Or norms, or ties, however thick
I just live my nature, refreshingly free
And welcome all to share with me
My freedom

Our freedom!

5 Jan 2009

Right to Judge

Wonder how many things cloud my vision
Even when I think I'm awake
Wonder if I ever see past the veil 
And decipher the genuine from the fake!
But I will never be sure and know
Never know that what I believe
As true or false or good or bad
Will pass through if I sieve
Sieve my thoughts, sieve my judgments
What right have I at all
What ability oh what competence
To say anything about anyone

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