18 Dec 2009

The Joy is in the Journey

How much easier it would have been for God
To catalogue and classify every flower
Arrange them in order of size and colour
So we could pick and decide which one to savour

Why hide those magnificent sea creatures
Deep beneath the ocean’s depth
When they could have been showcased
In a place where everyone could see them instead?

I think there is a reason to scatter the flowers
Over desserts and forests and dispersed in time
I think there is meaning in disorganized design
In arrangements that don’t adhere to a line

I thinks it is boring to buy from supermarkets
It is boring to get everything online to buy
I think it is not the ‘having’ that’s fun
But the striving and exploring every time we try

I think in our eagerness to learn
We’ve overlooked the wisdom that powers creation
We’ve focussed so hard on what to get
That we’ve not given the process its due attention

Thus the emptiness, therefore the void
The void that grows with the things we get
For owning things was never our need
There is a deeper need that is lying unmet

Our need is to search, to explore and find
Our need is to journey, to constantly discover
The joys we experience can only be transient
As the fleeting rainbow or short lived flower

These joys themselves were not meant to hold
Why then should we hold on to the objects of joy
When the goal is reached, and the trophy is won
That coveted trophy becomes a mere toy

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