22 Jun 2014

What You Think About Me

What you think about me
Has more to do with you
And less to do with whatever
I may or may not do

How you happen see me
Is coloured more by your eyes
Less by my appearance
My features or my size

The way you feel about me
Is driven more by your heart
Far less by my attributes
Which play a much smaller part

Why should I then allow
What you think about me
To confine my sense of who I am
Or who I can grow to be

14 Jun 2014

How Peace found Me

It is a saturday morning and my husband is travelling and my son ran away to play and I decided to just sit in my garden and do nothing. I took a book but I did not read it. I just sat in and with the garden. At some point a sense of peace engulfed me and after a while I sensed that I was peace myself.

My Garden - my abode of peace :-)

I am not feeling lonely because
I am alive in this moment
I am fully present to what is here
And what is now around

I am not feeling bored because
A vibrant dance is on
The dance of creation, dance of life
The dance of nature around

I am not feeling afraid because
I am being carried by creation itself
Held and supported by the earth
And hugged by the air around

I am feeling blissful peace because
There is nothing else to feel
Without loneliness, without the fear
I myself am peace

Add as I am writing this the doggies came to share the peace....:-)..

12 Jun 2014

Carrying my Past with Me?

There are many streams I have been
Which became the river I am now
Though still the waters I was then
Yet, I am different somehow

I carry with me all the mud
And dirt I stirred before
And yet I can choose to let it go
And make sure I don't stir more

My waters are infused with the goodwill
Of hearts I've touched in the past
These gifts are mine to carry along
They are blessings that will last

I cannot say it was not me
Who did the things I did back then
But I also know it is not the me
Who is writing now with this pen

I want to carry very lightly
The baggage of my history
And not let it dominate the colours of
Today's unfolding mystery

10 Jun 2014

Unchained and Untamed

Let us create a parallel world
Where I am not ‘me’ and you are not ‘you’
Where either of us is no longer bound
By what ‘me’ and ‘you’ ought to do

Let us create a playful space 
Where norms and rules do not hold
Where we are free to follow our bliss
And the beats of our heart, however bold

Let us create that precious garden
Where herbs and weeds are both the same
Where ‘use’ and ‘utility’ have lost their meaning
And the ‘wild’ is not something to ‘tame’

Let us create within our minds
A sacred sanctuary where we are free
Where voices from the past have quietened down
And we can choose who we can be

5 Jun 2014

Jamun Tree

Oh Jamun Tree, I want to be like you
Who gives and gives and gives
Not like a grabbing little self
Who is focused on taking it all

Oh Jamun Tree, I want to be like you
Standing tall into the sky
Not like a small and pitiful self
With weak and downcast eyes

Oh Jamun Tree, I want to be like you
Rooted deep into the ground
Not like a withering wavy self
That is shaken by every storm

Oh Jamun Tree, I want to be like you
With branches spread out wide
Not like a shy and bound up self
Closed in spirit and mind

Oh Jamun Tree, I want to be like you
Sheltering birds and insects alike
Not like a discriminating judging self
Present for only those I like

Oh Jamun Tree, I want to be like you
Detached from the fate of my fruit
Not like an anxious worried self
Over concerned about my output

Oh Jamun Tree, Perhaps I'm you
Perhaps I just don't see
That your essence is also present in me
It is all really up to me


My world is Purple these days. I have a Really Big Jamun Tree in my backyard and I am crazy about Jamuns. This year the tree has fruited a million-trillion Jamuns. However, it is not climbable and most Jamuns would get squished while falling. Yesterday my father visited me and he helped me tie bedsheet hammocks under the tree. It rained last night and this morning I found a wonderful treat waiting to be gathered. I was super excited and I ate and ate and ate. In my excitement I forgot to thank the tree. This poem is in honour of this magnificent tree.

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