31 Aug 2017

Make the Sky your Home

Fly like a bird
You have wings too
Wings that adorn you
And lift you too

Do build a nest
But don't call it home
Your home is the sky
Where you freely roam

And when you feel like
Come back to your nest
Where you have created
A safe place to rest

But don't make that nest
Your place to live
The earth has many more
Places it will give

Trees to perch on
Meadows to skip
Streams, lakes and puddles
To splash and to sip

Your wings need space
To spread out and fly
Climb out of your nest
And explore the sky

20 Aug 2017


What if my past and my story
The thing I call my history
Is not interesting to anybody
And not useful even to me

What if the thing I call memory
Is really quite like garbage
Bits of old information
Not relevant at this stage

What if my own biography
Is just a mess of footprints
A collection of random events
That somehow left their imprints

Would I still make my story
More important than today
Would I let it imprison me
Or would I go out and play?

13 Aug 2017

Tell me Nature

Tell me blue sky
What secrets do you hold
How many mysteries
And stories untold

Tell me O mountain
What all have you seen
And while you were forming
What all have you been

Tell me dear river
What brought you alive
To make you flow magic
And help us all thrive

Tell me and take me
Into the wonder that you be
The bliss of every flower
Every leaf and every tree

8 Aug 2017

The Search for Reassurance

Have you been waiting
To be invited by someone
To let your hair loose
And have some fun

Have you been working
To earn another degree
Before you acknowledge
The genius that you be

Have you been queuing
Outside the doctor's door
So that you can connect
To your body some more

Would you be willing
To step in as the expert
And reassure yourself
Of your own sweet worth

6 Aug 2017

Creative Spark

What’s wanting to be made today
A poem, a blog or a painting
An arrangement of dainty flowers
Or a chirpy song to sing

Who’s ready to be born today
I can sense you hovering around
Riding on the wings of butterflies
That in this garden abound

Come play with me a bit closer
So I may give you form
I will empty my mind for you
And let go of structure and norm

I want you in my life
I want the lightness you bring
The spark that lights me up
When I create anything

Note abt poem: This morning I felt that familiar feeling again. The one that I think people call inspiration. I call it a little light and giddy feeling that starts making my fingers and body tingle. The feeling that ever so gently nudges me to start moving and take some action. Sometimes this feeling is very directive but at other times it is just a vague sort of, ‘hey let’s do something - with ‘doing’ usually landing up as creating something new’. So I sensed this feeling today and I stayed with it awhile - not hurrying into typing or getting a pen. I asked if it would want to be a flower arrangement - it said yes!, I asked if it wanted to be a painting - it said yes again. I asked if it would like to be a song - yes, why not. Finally though, I gave in to my laziness and asked can we get away with just a verse, - and then I started typing.

My huge learning this morning is about how many ideas are willing to take form in a multitude of different ways. Sometimes they are particular, but many other times I can choose how to express them. It is quite often my personality and inclination that comes into play in choosing the form of expression - for example my laziness in this case (because some of the other forms required set-up tasks like plucking flowers, taking out paints and then also required tidying up after ..;-). For me writing is really simple - my computer is usually open and so I mostly land up writing.

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