20 Oct 1991

I chose to live (song)

There is beauty in the world
There is charm in every bird
There is love and freedom everywhere
Help and friendliness to spare

Oh make me no different from You
I cant cause I belong to You

I'm not green like the trees
I'm not blue like the seas
But myself like every man
I shall do the best I can

Living is my purpose,
It's my ultimate goal
Living for the joy of having
The diamond and the coal

Whats the good, if not for the bad
Why be happy if you're never sad
Thank you for my million foes
I was given the choice and this is what I chose.

16 Oct 1991


Life is a strange riddle, and so are you
You puzzle me in everything you do
How you feel I think I know
Although full feelings you do not show
But more of a question myself am I
When confronted by you I wonder why
I strangely begin to laugh and cry
And untimely dream and muse and sigh
And feel so guilty without reason
And lonely cold in the summer season
Strange behavior flows out this way
As I grow more stranger every day

20 Jun 1991

Double Existance

The sun does beat down fiercely
Every hour of every day
But when the moon comes out to shine
The sun sinks gently, giving way

As it darkens, the stars come out
And sparkling showers do throw
Inspiring beauty gazed down
On the relaxed world below

As it watches, I look up
To meet and match its stare
My moods cool down, which had before
Heated in the day’s glare

My eyes I close to shut out this
Night of beauty and charm
For something better awaits me now
In my own mind’s peace and calm

A dream of what I may not get
But one of life so sweet
Where every feeling, every thought
Is a blissfully marvelous treat

I close my eyes and open my heart
And here comes my second life
Another existence awaits me now
Where I never can see a knife.

21 May 1991

Happy Journey to You!

Jindagi Ek Paheli Hai,
But we don't have to solve it
We just have to live on
And try and enjoy every bit

If we are happy, we gain
When we are sad, we lose
And whether to be happy or sad
We alone have to choose

Even a tragedy can be useful
If we learn from it something
And remember that we came empty handed
And will take from here nothing

Whenever I feel little bad
I just remember that this
World has given me what I have
And more I have than I miss

I came so naive into the world
But it gave me love and shelter
No doubt some stones do come flying
But cant we hold up a filter?

Cant we sieve them and grasp only
The niceness that comes our way
Another reason for cribbing is to see
Others having a nicer day

But remember 'you think' they are happy
They have problems of their own
So you're the luckiest one out here
A happier person, you've not known

If you're still feeling sad and weary
Just list down all your sorrow
Beside every sorrow,write a joy
And you'll be happier tomorrow

The average of our lives is joy
It is beauty and contentment
Since we were born empty and will leave the same
Such an average can cause no resentment

If you're still not convinced then try this trick
It's a secret I'm telling you
Convince yourself, that you're happy and lucky
And you'll become happier too

We are travelers on the path of life
We have nothing to lose or gain
We are grateful to God for sending us on this journey
Which gives 100 joys for every pain

Happy Journey to You!!!

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