20 Jun 1991

Double Existance

The sun does beat down fiercely
Every hour of every day
But when the moon comes out to shine
The sun sinks gently, giving way

As it darkens, the stars come out
And sparkling showers do throw
Inspiring beauty gazed down
On the relaxed world below

As it watches, I look up
To meet and match its stare
My moods cool down, which had before
Heated in the day’s glare

My eyes I close to shut out this
Night of beauty and charm
For something better awaits me now
In my own mind’s peace and calm

A dream of what I may not get
But one of life so sweet
Where every feeling, every thought
Is a blissfully marvelous treat

I close my eyes and open my heart
And here comes my second life
Another existence awaits me now
Where I never can see a knife.

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