14 Aug 2010

Five days in the Woods

Just five days in the woods, look what happened
The flower inside me has bloomed again
I look in the mirror and I can see
A bouncy child of nine or ten

Five days amidst trees, look what happened
I'm washed afresh and vibrantly alive
I'm filled with energy as I buzz around
Like an enthusiastic bee building a hive

Five nights under stars, look what happened
I've remembered who I am inside
I'm dreaming with my eyes open in wonder
Embracing this mystery with arms open wide

Five evenings gathered around a sacred fire
Has kindled my very own spark of divinity
Stroked and brought forth a passion for living
From dormant embers that were collecting in me

Five days of building a little community
Discovering humanity in myself and others
Forging friendships and building bonds
With strangers who became sisters and brothers

30 Jul 2010

Lifting Me Up!

I wish that I be aligned with your essence
So closely in spirit and mind
That I do not stray from the stream of light
Where I am effortlessly joyful and kind

I look to you, Dear God, when I am lost today
Lost in the networks of my mind
Lost in the mesh of past emotional energy
Where confusion and pain I find

I look to you God, because I know
Your acceptance is easier than mine
I know how unconditional your love is
And how easily you can make me shine

I look to you because I have faith
More faith in you than in myself
I look to you because you are infinite
Your grace overflowing beyond yourself

I look to you for strength in this minute
Even though I know you are in me
I look to you because when I do that
I can see more clearly, the source in me

I look to you, oh fountain of delight
I look to you, oh master of creation
I look to you, at, you, and with you,
Realizing that the rest is now illusion

Illusionary fears, Illusionary tears
Illusionary worries, Illusionary scurries
Illusions of the mind, illusions of the heart
Which when observed, begin to dissolve and depart.

7 Jun 2010

Love Pangs

There was you and there was me
And there was the electrifying energy
But when I shifted within I saw
There was just a single ocean of charge

There was pleasure and there was pain
And there was passion that set us ablaze
But when I shifted within I saw
There was only bliss and infinite grace

There was connection and there was rejection
And there was a dance of hide and seek
But when I shifted within I saw
A vibrant and eternal, joyful presence.

25 Apr 2010

I Believe.....

I believe that YOU have a plan
You know more than any man
I believe it is right for me
YOU can see more than I can see

I believe YOU have made the world
I believe in YOUR every word
I believe my life is perfect now
Though only you know, exactly how

I believe that YOU are divine
I believe I am perfectly fine
For I believe that I have in me
YOUR essence from which I came  to be

I believe all is well around
I believe YOUR love is all abound
Every moment I can choose to see
YOUR truth, inside of me

I believe in your gorgeous plan
That is perfect for every man
I believe that You are also me
If I only choose to see.....

I believe that YOU have a plan.....

13 Apr 2010

Blossom and Bloom

I looked up shyly to my source
And whispered in a hesitant voice,
“Dear God, I am ready to bloom,
I am ready to blossom out wide”

God looked at me with an amused smile
And said, ‘Why whisper girl?
I made you to bloom in all your splendour
I made you to dance and swirl!’

‘I made you to know myself through you,
I made you to shine in greatness
I made you to spread your wings and fly
I made you to soar with lightness

I made you to sing with the birds
I made to you strut with peacocks
I made you to spread your feathers and dance
And prance around on the rocks

I made you as I made the daffodils
That are bursting and blooming with glee
Why do you hesitate my precious love
Just let your wonderful self free

Let your nature shine through you
Let it awaken and bloom forth now
Let your nature flow through you
And drown all around you in love

Shake your feathers, flap your winds
It is your birthright to fly
Open out wide, my pretty flower
Your blossoming is also mine!’

9 Apr 2010

To my Parents

When I look inside myself
I see both of you there
And I can sense from your presence
How deeply indeed you care

Whether you are near or far
Your life intertwines with mine
That when I have to define myself
There is no clear defining line

Together we live, together we grow
I thank you for your presence
I thank you for gracing my life
Through your loving essence

I pray that all be well with you
No matter where you go
As sparkling blessings gently descend
From the heavens onto you below

I thank you for all you are
And for all you have ever been
I thank you for all that you have done
Which I may or may not have seen

I thank you for your kind efforts
For your selfless love and care
I thank you for the light you shine
And for unconditionally being there

I thank you for knowledge and opportunities
I thank you for wisdom and advice
I thank you for hugs, I thank you for smiles
I thank you for being so nice

I thank you for love and for fun
I thank you for playful times
I thank you for wonderful holidays
I thank you for reading my rhymes

I thank you for teaching and coaching
I thank you for cajoling and pushing
I thank you for hearing and listening
I thank you for holding and comforting

I thank you now, I thank you always
I thank you from deep inside
I thank you for everything we that we share
On this vibrant and colorful ride

7 Apr 2010

A Pause

Today I am grateful for this pause in my life,
This little pause that I can always take
This little pause between my breaths
The sacred space that I can ALWAYS make

For now I am grateful just to be
To be myself and demand no more
To be the peaceful center of my world
To be the stage where I witness this show

Right now I am grateful that I am allowing
Allowing the grace to flow through me
Allowing all is to unfold as it may
As I watch like a child, full of glee.

3 Apr 2010

A Warriors Entry

The sun is shining
My eyes are twinkling
I’m feeling alive, within and without.
The angels are waiting
My friends are smiling
As I jump into the day with a warrior shout!

There is nothing I need
There is nothing that lacks
In this gorgeous moment, filled with love.
My present is perfect
My future is fantastic
I continue to flow with grace from above.

23 Mar 2010


I am grateful for every question mark
That creeps into my head
For every 'why' and every 'how'
That keep me wide awake in bed

For they are signs to assure me
I have not stagnated yet
I have not succumbed to lie comfortable
In a pattern, fixed and set

I am grateful for all the open ends
And possibilities of unclear scope
For each open end is an open path
And unclear possibility, a hope

I am grateful for my discontent
I am grateful for unfulfilled desire
For were I content, I might not strive
And not undertake effort that would tire

I know that movement and change is life
Stagnation is death for sure
There is no problem, no need for solution
The ailment is itself the cure

The unease, the discomfort, the discontent
Are all merely signs of a vibrant life
For the nature of life itself is wrapped
In a maze of intertwined joy and strife

So I am grateful now, I'm grateful always
For all that I am, and all I am not
I'm grateful now, and I'm grateful always
For all that I have, and have not got

21 Mar 2010

a day well lived

I feel like a baby
In my creator’s lab
As I snuggle down cosily
For my evening nap

A day well lived
A day being me
A day I made no demands
And just let things be

16 Mar 2010

The Wonder of it All

Today I saw my wiggly toes
And the beautiful arches of my feet
How they synchronized with several muscles
To make me stand up from my seat

If this orchestration is natural
Then nature is a miracle for sure
And I am part of this marvellous miracle
A gorgeous creation, perfect and pure

I saw a bird glide on its wings
I thought how well it sometimes sings
I saw a tree stand strong and tall
I saw delicate moss growing on a wall

I thought of how I sometimes walk
Right through life without seeing it all
How big and wonderful my world could be
Unless I choose to imagine it small!

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