30 Jul 2010

Lifting Me Up!

I wish that I be aligned with your essence
So closely in spirit and mind
That I do not stray from the stream of light
Where I am effortlessly joyful and kind

I look to you, Dear God, when I am lost today
Lost in the networks of my mind
Lost in the mesh of past emotional energy
Where confusion and pain I find

I look to you God, because I know
Your acceptance is easier than mine
I know how unconditional your love is
And how easily you can make me shine

I look to you because I have faith
More faith in you than in myself
I look to you because you are infinite
Your grace overflowing beyond yourself

I look to you for strength in this minute
Even though I know you are in me
I look to you because when I do that
I can see more clearly, the source in me

I look to you, oh fountain of delight
I look to you, oh master of creation
I look to you, at, you, and with you,
Realizing that the rest is now illusion

Illusionary fears, Illusionary tears
Illusionary worries, Illusionary scurries
Illusions of the mind, illusions of the heart
Which when observed, begin to dissolve and depart.

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