14 Aug 2010

Five days in the Woods

Just five days in the woods, look what happened
The flower inside me has bloomed again
I look in the mirror and I can see
A bouncy child of nine or ten

Five days amidst trees, look what happened
I'm washed afresh and vibrantly alive
I'm filled with energy as I buzz around
Like an enthusiastic bee building a hive

Five nights under stars, look what happened
I've remembered who I am inside
I'm dreaming with my eyes open in wonder
Embracing this mystery with arms open wide

Five evenings gathered around a sacred fire
Has kindled my very own spark of divinity
Stroked and brought forth a passion for living
From dormant embers that were collecting in me

Five days of building a little community
Discovering humanity in myself and others
Forging friendships and building bonds
With strangers who became sisters and brothers

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