3 Nov 2001

Delights in the Sky

Blue clouds who hang above
And adorn the bluer sky
That houses so many birds
Come down that I may touch you

For I am not in that privileged clan
That gets to soar through you
I can only stand below and gaze
At winged creatures above

Oh feel this warmth that is on my skin
Such soft and gentle rays of sun
Don't caress me so with your light
I'll melt in your glowing touch

Gentle breeze that blows my hair
Away and onto my face
Wind that rustles and gingerly licks
Breeze that blows me alive

I cannot ask to share in your glory
You are far too noble for me
I cannot ask for more than this
You are as generous as could be

All I can do is thank you so
For little pearl drops pattering now
And pray you will always be like this
Life giving and love inspiring

22 Aug 2001


Free as a bird
            I spread out my wings
Skimming the clouds
            I rush by the wind
Left all behind
            I set out in search
Of things unknown
            To know in good time

To breathe in the spray
            Of salt laden waves
I soak in the heat
            Of the sun on the sands
But I stop not to pause
            For fear I get burnt
Or buried beneath
            The warm golden sand
To live as a worm
            The rest of my life
Buried in gold
            In the warm lovely sand

Much rather I would
            Rush into the waves
Swim far as I could
            Then get carried away
Drift on ashore
            On to gold or to rocks
Or drown in the waves
            That rush all around

To live as a bird
            With freedom on wings
To fly and to choose
            Above destiny’s design
To feel in command
            Of atleast one life
The life that belongs
            To this pair of wings.

21 Aug 2001

Finding Grounding

There is a distant star far above
It is smiling down at me
It is calling out in a tender tone
And touching my heart so softly
And when I look up to catch its shine
That penetrates my eyes and gaze
The message come though clear and straight
"You're not alone out there"

"Millions of eyes look up to me,
And another millions look right through
And adding to them the third million
Who never knew of my existence.
Six million legs are walking each day
Six million hands are working by the hour
There are half this number of minds that can think
And half this number of voices afloat"

I look down now at the ground
That is supporting me steadily
This porous earth where rabbits burrow
Where channels are cut by fast flowing streams
Cant believe its round all over
With each one of us a tiny speck.

I turn now to look within
Oh I'm a lonely loner there
The sole master and sole servant
The sole competitor in a sea of races
Sole judge, sole criticizer,
Nothing to fear, nobody around.

Yet unsurity and hesitation prevails
Discontentment and dissatisfactions lurk
Boredom and loneliness are taking their toll
As they gradually reduce me to a wreck

Arise, awake, I'm the captain in charge
The crew and passengers are screaming
The waves are splashing, my head is reeling.

Alas,  I cannot let this ship sink
Because I am not only the captain and crew
But also the trusting passengers
And I owe it to them to keep us afloat
Till we have the confidence to resume our course
To take th battering storm fearlessly
When we are assured of our own stability

For then I'll look up to my star
And return his patient steady smile
Not just to him, but to nine million
Who shine on contently, assured of themselves

Then see the ground below my feet
And kiss the earth that stands me upright
Experience the quivers that rock me through
While one part of me deep inside
Wont rock
 It smiles at the stars.

13 Aug 2001

Inspired by Mumbai Monsoons

I wonder how it would be to evaporate into air like water, formless, ...identityless, ... keep drifting somewhere and then suddenly come down as rain - hitting all the people scurrying thru the streets, tearing through the rooftops, flooding streets and drains alike!
If I had a choice though, I would like to fall in a rain forest where there are big yellow butterflies and for a while I'd ride on a butterfly's wing, like a dew drop on a soft petal. When it shakes me off in a colourful flutter I'd flow into a rivulet, get carried through mossy rocks, and cascade down a precepie to swirl in winding circles in a deep green pool.

11 Aug 2001


Time has stopped, the wind has stilled
The falling leaves just halted in air
Oh sweet flower that ceased to bloom
Do not fret, do not fret, do not fret

The tide came in, the waves rose high
The spray froze up in mid air
Your sail is right but you will drown
And stay that way, that way deep down

My heart has stopped, my mind goes on
My brain is consumed in figuring all out
Oh life without a soul, body without a heart
You will cease, you will cease, you will cease.

6 Aug 2001


Time has stopped;the wind has stilled
The falling leaves just halted in mid-air
Oh sweet flowers that ceased to bloom,
Do not fret, do not fret, do not fret.

The tide came in, the waves rose high
The spray froze as bubbles in air
Your sail is right, but you will drown
And stay that way deep down, deep down.

My heart has stopped, my mind goes on
My brain is consumed in figuring all out
Oh life without a soul, body without a heart
You will cease, you will cease, you will cease.

30 Jul 2001


How dull to be alone in life
Once known and loved, but now forgotten
How sad to pause and think behind
And wish that things had stayed

How active then, the spirits moved
As fastly keeping up with fast pace
We worked our way into tomorrow
Never realizing what we were leaving behind

In ignorant bliss and short lived glory
Where there was much to celebrate
Who had the wisdom to store or stock
Who knew that things got sucked away

Now time stands in front of me
Stubbornly refusing to move along
Casting its ugly fate onto my hands
And promising more blackness to come

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