3 Nov 2001

Delights in the Sky

Blue clouds who hang above
And adorn the bluer sky
That houses so many birds
Come down that I may touch you

For I am not in that privileged clan
That gets to soar through you
I can only stand below and gaze
At winged creatures above

Oh feel this warmth that is on my skin
Such soft and gentle rays of sun
Don't caress me so with your light
I'll melt in your glowing touch

Gentle breeze that blows my hair
Away and onto my face
Wind that rustles and gingerly licks
Breeze that blows me alive

I cannot ask to share in your glory
You are far too noble for me
I cannot ask for more than this
You are as generous as could be

All I can do is thank you so
For little pearl drops pattering now
And pray you will always be like this
Life giving and love inspiring

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