22 Aug 2001


Free as a bird
            I spread out my wings
Skimming the clouds
            I rush by the wind
Left all behind
            I set out in search
Of things unknown
            To know in good time

To breathe in the spray
            Of salt laden waves
I soak in the heat
            Of the sun on the sands
But I stop not to pause
            For fear I get burnt
Or buried beneath
            The warm golden sand
To live as a worm
            The rest of my life
Buried in gold
            In the warm lovely sand

Much rather I would
            Rush into the waves
Swim far as I could
            Then get carried away
Drift on ashore
            On to gold or to rocks
Or drown in the waves
            That rush all around

To live as a bird
            With freedom on wings
To fly and to choose
            Above destiny’s design
To feel in command
            Of atleast one life
The life that belongs
            To this pair of wings.

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