21 Aug 2001

Finding Grounding

There is a distant star far above
It is smiling down at me
It is calling out in a tender tone
And touching my heart so softly
And when I look up to catch its shine
That penetrates my eyes and gaze
The message come though clear and straight
"You're not alone out there"

"Millions of eyes look up to me,
And another millions look right through
And adding to them the third million
Who never knew of my existence.
Six million legs are walking each day
Six million hands are working by the hour
There are half this number of minds that can think
And half this number of voices afloat"

I look down now at the ground
That is supporting me steadily
This porous earth where rabbits burrow
Where channels are cut by fast flowing streams
Cant believe its round all over
With each one of us a tiny speck.

I turn now to look within
Oh I'm a lonely loner there
The sole master and sole servant
The sole competitor in a sea of races
Sole judge, sole criticizer,
Nothing to fear, nobody around.

Yet unsurity and hesitation prevails
Discontentment and dissatisfactions lurk
Boredom and loneliness are taking their toll
As they gradually reduce me to a wreck

Arise, awake, I'm the captain in charge
The crew and passengers are screaming
The waves are splashing, my head is reeling.

Alas,  I cannot let this ship sink
Because I am not only the captain and crew
But also the trusting passengers
And I owe it to them to keep us afloat
Till we have the confidence to resume our course
To take th battering storm fearlessly
When we are assured of our own stability

For then I'll look up to my star
And return his patient steady smile
Not just to him, but to nine million
Who shine on contently, assured of themselves

Then see the ground below my feet
And kiss the earth that stands me upright
Experience the quivers that rock me through
While one part of me deep inside
Wont rock
 It smiles at the stars.

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