6 Nov 2007

6 month baby

So much to say so much to write
But before I know it, day turns to night!

A little boy has won over my heart
And day by day he is getting so ever smart

So much love he exudes all around
And suddenly surprises you with an unexpected sound

Today he was trying hard to repeat
My words, and he partially succeeded in the feat

Oh I cannot understand who is this person
Who has entered my life in such a wonderful version

He cannot be human, for in my mind
A human being is of a different kind

He cannot be an angel, for even they
Could not be so perfect, every single day!

He is so well behaved and so simply sweet
And so openly loving to all he does meet

What a cutie, and its not just because he is my child
Even if he were a stranger, he would drive me wild

I cannot do justice to writing about him
For the his cup of virtues flows over the brim

Such a being as he, I doubt has ever been
Created before, from whichever angle it is seen

He smiles even when he is in pain
And with him our requests are never in vain

He only cries if he needs something much
And even then quietens with a soothing touch

I hardly know what it is he needs
When with open and innocent eyes he pleads

Yet with a smile he accepts whatever
I unknowingly gamble and decide to offer

He laughs when he bathes, grins when he eats,
And gives a sunny smile to everyone he meets

He looks at the trees and everything around
And turns with curiosity when he hears a sound

He tries to reach out for colourful things
And actually manages to get to them with his rollings

So much to write, so much to say
But if I keep writing, then night will turn into day! :-)

2 May 2007

Newborn baby

My cutest little baby boy
Through you I have known all of love
Now I can feel here on earth
What I had imagined would be heaven above

Through you, I now, see how
Matter has no properties of its own
Except whatever we give to it
Based on the experiences we have known

For your 'poop', to me, is divine
And your 'susu', exotic nectar
Thus I know how love
Can change the properties of matter

Oh baby, in your eyes
I see all of creation dancing
And in your graceful movements
I see the jungle animals prancing

Sometimes when I see you
I feel I have seen it all
I feel that the essence of everything
Is contained in your body small

I feel there is nothing more to know
I feel no yearning for anything
I feel that just by being with you
I am experiencing EVERYTHING!

I feel the sky, I feel the wind
I hear music of all the ages
I become everything, and everything is me
I feel the blessings of saints and sages

When you lie asleep beside me
The whole world sleeps in you,
And as you stretch and wake up again
All the world, awakens with you.

When you look at me and smile
Everything that's me dissolves away
All else I've known, ceases to exist
And I become a part of your wonderful play.

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