13 Apr 2010

Blossom and Bloom

I looked up shyly to my source
And whispered in a hesitant voice,
“Dear God, I am ready to bloom,
I am ready to blossom out wide”

God looked at me with an amused smile
And said, ‘Why whisper girl?
I made you to bloom in all your splendour
I made you to dance and swirl!’

‘I made you to know myself through you,
I made you to shine in greatness
I made you to spread your wings and fly
I made you to soar with lightness

I made you to sing with the birds
I made to you strut with peacocks
I made you to spread your feathers and dance
And prance around on the rocks

I made you as I made the daffodils
That are bursting and blooming with glee
Why do you hesitate my precious love
Just let your wonderful self free

Let your nature shine through you
Let it awaken and bloom forth now
Let your nature flow through you
And drown all around you in love

Shake your feathers, flap your winds
It is your birthright to fly
Open out wide, my pretty flower
Your blossoming is also mine!’

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