16 Nov 2009

Pangs of a Consultants Wife!

I'm missing you, I'm missing you
Oh this hide and seek you play
That is why I harden my heart
And pretend I dont care anyway

I love you so, I want you so
But if I remember this I pine for you
Its easier instead to get angry and mad
And just harbour a grievance or two

You come like the London sun
And brighten up one chosen day
And then you pack your bags quickly
And across the ocean fly away

My heart cannot follow your speed
My feelings linger after you are gone
The speed of your life, pace of your travel
Leaves me lost, lonely and forlorn

You are like the tide, you come and go
I am like a ship who floats on the sea
When the tide comes in, it picks me up
And when it goes out, I just have to be

So I stay afloat from day to day
I stay afloat as I find my way
I cannot sink, I have a baby on board
I just try to stay afloat each day

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