27 Sep 2009

I am the Wind

I am the wind, I am everywhere
Look around, you will find me there
Although sometimes I can be so still
That you will not feel me until
You rouse yourself

I am the breeze, gentle in my caress
But I might leave you in an untidy mess
In your windblown clothes and tousled hair
I leave my signs everywhere
To remember

I am the gale, forceful and strong
Sometimes for a second, sometimes very long
You can never ever be real sure
That you will be able to endure
What I bring

I am a gust, unpredictable
I can be warm, I can be chill
I can blow in any direction I please
Touch you anywhere and tease
Just like that

I am the air, I can rush in where
No one else might ever dare
The entire world is my home
And so I choose to freely roam

I cannot be contained by walls of brick
Or norms, or ties, however thick
I just live my nature, refreshingly free
And welcome all to share with me
My freedom

Our freedom!

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