3 Jun 2015

Time to Shed

I am a tree, I dont own a watch
There is no plan or calendar I read
But I know it is time, when it is
To allow my leaves to shed

I lived through spring and summer
And watched each of my leaves grow
I have proudly held my canopy high
But now I know my leaves should go

I have birthed bunches of flowers
My fruits have been enjoyed by all
I have delighted in abundance
Yet now my leaves are going to fall

I will be naked, I will be alone
No birds will come to nest in me
Just brown ragged twiggy lines
Without my leaves, I will stand to be

I might even start to think I'm useless
To the world, I might appear as dead
But inside of me I know it is time
To just allow my leaves to shed

I release my leaves, they served me well
I let go as they fall with grace
They were part of me, and yet I live on
I will grow new ones in their place

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