23 Jun 2015

Tell me Little Catterpillar

Today as I was walking I noticed a wiggly green little thing dancing in the air beside me. It was hanging from an invisible cobweb string that was attached to my finger at the other end and first I thought it was just a leaf. It was stormy and windy and as I walked I tried to keep my finger steady to play with the leaf and the little wiggly green seemed to fly with me. Only after a while I realised it was a tiny live caterpillar and I left it on a tree. We must have already been quite far from where it started its journey with me (and I don't even know exactly where that was). Here is a parting shot of the little fellow and a verse to remember him by.....

Tell me little caterpillar
Did you really want a ride
Or did I just carry you along
In my own walk and stride

Tell me little caterpillar
Was it fun for you to swing
How was it to fly along
Even without a wing

Tell me little caterpillar
Will you now feel all lost
Did you enjoy the adventure
And did it come at a cost

Tell me little caterpillar
What brought us together today
To travel awhile in the storm
And then to each go our way

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