3 Jul 2015

Dissolving Divisions

I don't remember when it happened
I don't remember why it happened
But I divided my very own self

I divided my life into compartments
I divided my existence into roles
And I decided what each deserved

I divided my work into zones
I divided relationships into 'types'
And decided what to give to each

I kept some parts and roles open
But boxed and labelled the others
Into notions of how they should be

I locked some aspects tightly up
Into lonely chambers of struggle
Insisting on wrongness and pain

I assumed some jobs and parts of work
And some relationships and situations
Just could not be opened to grace

I vehemently kept the Divine out
Convincing myself again and agian
Why certain things just had to be damned

But today I unlock each aspect of my life
And lay it out in open offering
To the magic of the universe

I dissolve the divisions I unknowingly made
And invite life in once again
As the undivided expanse it is

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