27 Jul 2015

Dear Voices of Judgement

This morning I wrote a poem to all the voices of judgement in my own head. The ones that go ...like 'I don't deserve Grace', ' I am unworthy to exist', 'I should not be here', 'I am a burden to others' etc. etc. Here is my rebuttal to all those thoughts and beliefs...

Dear Voices of Judgement...

Thank you for your advice
Thank you for your reviews
Thank you for sharing with me
Your interesting points of views

I have some work to do now
Things I need to get to
Things that are calling out to me
Things I am longing to do

You see, I'm also a candle
And Jesus showed me my spark
I want to shine in HIS world
And bring light when it is dark

You see I'm also a flower
And Krishna blew life into me
I want to blossom and bloom
And bring delight to all who see

You see I'm also a poetess
I can hear the universe sing
I want to share that melody
And the joy that it can bring

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