22 Aug 2015

Dancing in the Now

Dear LIFE....
Today I give up complaining about you
Today I forgive our history together
Today I let go of my incessant insisting
For you are as unpredictable as the weather

Thankfully I am learning a bit of your ways
Thankfully I am getting your game some more
Thankfully I am realising you give no assurance
To continue to give what you gave before

Now, I am open to play on your terms
Now, I have realised you dwell only in the NOW
Now, I get it, that to receive your gifts
I too must be dancing in that NOW

note on poem:
It is never too late to start understanding LIFE and it's ways more and more. It is so much easier and fun to tango with a partner when you understand the partner and his or her moves and steps better. So too when it comes to dancing with Life itself. And of course, as with tango or any other dance it always gets better, easier and more graceful with practice. So too when it comes to dancing with Life. I am actually feeling like my age now....but its nice to recollect the age (no matter the number) when you realize you have that many years of experiences and learnings to use as a base for whatever it is you want to launch today!

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