6 Jun 2017


You want me to write about you?
I will.

Without asking why,
Without asking for whom,
Without asking for what
I will just write.

I will write because,
Writing is how I acknowledge
Writing is how I savour
Writing is how I worship
And I want to do all three to you.

I want to describe as I can
The splendour of your mountains
The freshness of your streams
The colours of your flowers

I want to express as I can
The textures of your soil
The spaciousness of your sky
The caressing of your breeze

Words might not be enough
But still I will try
To translate your primal language of life
Into my linear language of words
Your changing dynamic dance
Into my static expression of verse

I will write about You
Because I adore You
Writing is my way to adore you more
My words are my beads of offering
Strung together as reverence to You

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