15 Jun 2017

Dont Give In

Like a storm brewing beyond the horizon
That you know is making it’s way towards you
A slow storm starts brewing in the mind
And this storm is making advances too

The feelings of depression, the sudden void
Unexplainable undercurrents of wanting to cry
Relentless loops of repetitive thoughts
And ceaseless questions that end with why

I know it too well, these signs of despair
Who paint fictional images of impending gloom
But I also know this is a flavour of illusion
That tries to wrap us in hopeless doom

The trick is to sense the storm that's brewing
Even before it looms fully into view
Then gently but deftly step out of it’s way
And start asking for something new

Dont believe those messengers of gloom
They are falser than the gloom they promise
So ask for the illusion to be shattered
Ask to be reconnected with your bliss

Ask for truth, ask for clarity
Don't give up, just keep on asking
Hold on strong for the clouds will part
In sunlight, you will soon be basking

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