14 Sep 2014


I tell myself I need you
Your company and your presence
But in my head you only are
An idea, a concept, an essence

When I am by your side
I feel a certain way
Triggered by what you do
Triggered by what you say

When I tell myself I need you
I need that feeling place
And if I can find that feeling
Then 'You' I need not chase

The feeling of being loved
The feeling of being cherished
As I work my way to this feeling
My neediness has perished

I love you for who you are
And I love spending time with you
But my well being is not dependent
On what you say or do

I have found ways to manoeuvre
Through the mazes in my mind
To bypass the 'needy thoughts'
And leave dependency behind

I have found ways to reach
Those places within my heart
That are open and full of life
And where creation is an art

To this sacred space I go
To create and savour feelings
For while life may orchestrate events
I give them their meanings

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