23 Sep 2014

The Warrior in Me

Bring them on, one by one
The warrior in me is ready
Though the storm be rising outside
My mind is calm and steady

I called upon the warrior energy
And made it into my own
I stand here now with fiery eyes
And wild hair all windblown

Say it out, aloud once more
Your abuses wont make me cry
You cannot break my self esteem
No matter how much you try

I'm living my values in what I do
I'm trying my very best
I care not if such effort of mine
Does not pass your test

The warrior in me smiles at you
For she does not know fear
If you hold a threat up to her face
She calls you to come more near

She is not one to turn and flee
Oh she is here to stay
She is strong and she is tough
And she paves her very own way

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