2 Jun 2005

My Mother

I know a lady with a sunny smile
And a round and glowing cherubic face,
If I searched to find the signs of age
I doubt I would find a single trace.

Yet I’d love her no matter how
That face changes with the changing universe,
For the things that make her lovable
Are things that can never be better or worse.

I’ve seen her every day since I was born
As a child thru my eyes, now in my mind
And as I write tears peep out shyly,
To think of her eyes, open, warm, and kind.

For though I keep telling myself
That I am complete, whole, and strong,
I sometimes think of those cuddly arms
Where a little girl once did belong.

Now the tears stream boldly forth
For I have become a child again,
The child she gently sheltered all day
From the uncertain world and all its pain.

She made living a colourful game
With never a boring or lost moment
A joyful experience for a joyful heart
That never knew emotions of worry or lament.

Always open and inviting in spirit
To a new game, taste, or plan
Did she never let the fatigue show?
Or did she get a tip from superman?

But she is strange and remains a mystery
I can love her, but never know her fully,
Why did she pour herself into us completely
And when we could stand, pull out gracefully!

It that a natural thing for her to do?
I cant even imagine myself in the role,
But every time I think of her bubbly steps
I feel like a special and pampered soul.

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