2 May 2014

A Dreamer in Me

I have so many ambitions
I have so many dreams
I want to climb many mountains
And swim in many streams

I had as many aspirations
When I was eight or nine
I had wanted to achieve so much
I had wanted to dazzle and shine

The innocence of my dreams have not changed
With all the passing years
What is different though when I dream now
Is that I dream without the fears

I am no longer afraid or worried
Of dreams not coming true
I dream because dreaming is my nature
It is something I spontaneously do

I have no strings attached to my dreams
I'm willing to set them free
I am the dreamer, I blow life into dreams
But they don't belong to me

I hop through life conjuring visions
Of realities that can be
Yet my joy in living comes from the now
From the reality that is currently me

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