30 Apr 2015

A Writer's Offering

I have always enjoyed writing. For me, writing is therapy, writing is expression, and writing is a way to make sense of the occupants of my own heart and mind. Indeed, writing is meditation, writing is worship, and writing is a means to connect into deeper recesses of my being. I usually write for the sake of writing, and all other outcomes are secondary. However, of late (thanks to the internet) I have discovered a new kind of happiness that comes in sharing my writings with others. This is a very different kind of joy, which I acknowledge and explore in this poem.

A Writer's Offering

I offer my life to you dear reader
I offer it as a mirror
A mirror for you to reflect your own
And gaze at it as it were

I offer my thought to you dear reader
I offer it as perspective
An observation that was once my own
Shared humbly as a gift

I offer my heart to you dear reader
I offer it with love
Sharing with you the blessings I get
From the angels of writing above

I offer myself to you dear reader
Naked, in my true essence
Urging you to also shed
The crippling chains of pretense

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